Curved Stairlift at bottom of stairs
Person in Flow X curved stairlift
Flow X part way up a flight of curved stairs
Flow X at bottom of curved stairs
Person sitting in Flow X curved stairlift
Top down view of curved stairlift with multiple Flow X stairlifts showing how it navigates the stairs

Flow X

Designed for seamless movement, the Flow X stairlift provides outstanding levels of comfort, confidence and craftmanship. The Flow X is designed to fit on narrow staircases, whether they are straight or curved. Fitted to your staircase and not your wall, the Flow X is fitted quickly and efficiently and blends into your home seamlessly. Choose between a range of different fabrics including vinyl, fabric and leather. Ergonomically designed, the chair has a large backrest and seat area. A five-degree seat recline promotes a natural and healthy posture to meet your comfort needs. The armrests have an ergonomically-tapered form, designed to give you extra support both when standing and sitting. The Flow X stairlift also provides a unique open-access armrest position, making transferring to a stairlift even easier.

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