Through Floor Lift

The lift passes through the ceiling of the ground floor into a room above; in most cases this will be the user's bedroom. These lifts will carry the occupant and his or her wheelchair. They are ideal for opening up the other floors of the house to people for whom a simple stair lift is not sufficient.

When the lift is at rest on the ground floor, a trapdoor in the ceiling stays in the closed position and blends in with the rest of the room’s décor. In the upper room, it matches the carpet or wooden flooring fitted there and is unobtrusive.

The car that takes the user between floors can be either fully or partially enclosed, depending on personal preference, and electronic interlocking prevents the car from moving if the door is not completely closed.

Wheelchair users are the main customers for this type of platform lift, although there are versions designed for standing occupants. Use of this type of lift means that the disabled occupant of the house doesn’t suffer the inconvenience and discomfort involved in transferring into and out of a wheelchair – something that would be necessary if using a standard stair lift.

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