Cressy Sling
Cressy Sling

Cressy Slings

Designed in conjunction with a well renowned moving and handling team and their occupational therapists. The Cressy Sling is based on a deluxe style sling and comes complete with an integral head support. The padded legs with slide sheet material make the Cressy sling easy to fit and comfortable to use.

The counterpoise straps at the shoulders of the sling are designed to be simple to use and are of particular benefit to those clients who are prone to spasm in a sling. The colour coding on the legstraps ensures that accurate fitting records can be kept in the care plan.

The sling is available with or without grab handles. An optional soft neck roll is available for those clients who require additional head support. The sling can also be supplied with a chest/waist strap.

Available in 9 sizes, suitable for all transfers including toileting, bathing and lifting from a prone position.

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