Overhead Track Hoists

A ceiling track hoist enables a carer to lift and transfer a patient from one location to another. The hoist runs on a static ceiling track which is customised to your requirements. As the hoist unit stays at ceiling height, the user is not obstructed by the hoist unit at any time. The overhead track hoist is unobtrusive and does not require storage, making it ideal for areas with limited space.Our range of ceiling track hoists ensure clients in domestic or nursing home environments benefit from safe and secure transfers from their bed, wheelchair or the floor and our varying weight capacity models will ensure the correct product for your client.  Our range includes specific hoists for pediatric and bariatric needs.

Wispa Lite Portable Hoist

The Wispa Lite is the ideal moving and handling solution for the home, hospital and care environment, with value added functionality and a compact, lightweight design. With an integral carry handle the Wispa Lite can be easily moved between different locations, attached/removed from the ceiling track and repositioned wherever it is required and the varying lengths of lanyard and attachment handle, allows carers to comfortably attach the Wispa Lite to ceiling track, whatever its height.

The powerful, controlled lifting has a maximum load of 200kg (31 stones) (440lbs). and the handset has clearly identifiable buttons and is ergonomically designed with a soft start/stop lifting for added user comfort, safety and control.

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Wispa 100 Plus Ceiling Mounted Hoist Range

The Wispa 100 Plus hand control has light touch pneumatic buttons creating a safe operating system, ideal for bathing, and incorporates colour coded buttons which correspond to coloured arrows on the hoist to give clear indication of the direction of travel. It is available in manual or powered traverse models, complete with a choice of power supply (rechargeable battery or mains connected) to suit both track length and room layout.

A range of ceiling mounted hoists which has combined the simplicity of the popular 100 Series with a new, aesthetically pleasing design and added safety features ideal for home or care environments. Each model ensures controlled transfer from the bed, chair, floor, toilet or bath at the touch of a button.

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Wispa 200 Series Ceiling Mounted Hoist Range

Aesthetically designed, the Wispa 200 series provides a neat and unobtrusive system, for controlled transfer from the bed, wheelchair or floor. Wispa fits almost anywhere, even into confined spaces such as multi-bed hospital wards, where limited space may hinder the use of a mobile hoist.

One unique range of six different model options, each intelligently designed to suit both client and carer. The Wispa range is a safe and powerful solution to moving and handling, with enhanced performance features as standard. With the soft start/stop function there is no abrupt stop at the end of travel and the variable speed is adjustable via the handset the speed of travel can be set to suit the individual.

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