SSL Scotland undertake work at St Enoch

In a deal worth several thousands of pounds, SSL Scotland - specialists in the supply, installation and maintenance of stairlifts and other equipment - have undertaken work at Glasgow’s St Enoch Centre.

In a bid to ensure the centre’s new food court meets all the expectations of people with impared mobility and other disabilities, SSL Scotland has installed a ceiling track hoist and a wall mounted rise and fall stretcher in the toilet changing area.

Marc Barry, joint owner of SSL Scotland, said: “The owners of the St Enoch Centre were determined that they would be able to meet the needs of all their customers and the installation of this up-to-date equipment means that carers can help people up and down without any risk to themselves or their charges.

“It was a particularly difficult installation since there are false and suspended ceilings in the centre and we had to construct steel frames to take both the weight of the equipment and the loads it is designed to carry."

“SSL has focused until now on installation of equipment in domestic situations. However, we feel that the success of this work may well lead to other prestigious contracts in the commercial property sector."

“The whole team at SSL Scotland is once again delighted to be able to put its experience and expertise at the disposal of private sector clients and to help provide top quality services for their customers.”