SSL Access aids wheelchair users in restaurant

SSL Access has fitted Glasgow's Sapporo Teppenyaki restaurant with a platform lift to enable diners with disabilties to enjoy their eating experience.

SSL Access worked with specialist fit-out contractor Thomas Johnstone and installed a platform lift to enable wheelchair users to deal with the small flight of stairs that form part of the dining room.

SSL Access is based in Glasgow and is one of the foremost suppliers and installers of access lifts and public access products in the UK.

Marc Barry, director at SSL Access said: "We are doing a lot of work with restaurants, bars and hotels to make sure that their premises can cater for guests with disabilities".

"Although there is legislation in place to ensure companies make their premises suitable for users with disabilities, it is often only when they refit or alter them that many of the necessary changes get made".

Mr Barry said catering for clients with disabilities would open up a new market for many businesses in the hospitality sector and added: "I hope more businesses look to work around the obstacles on their premises and make them easier for customers with disabilities to negotiate.

"These problems can be overcome quickly and for those that get it right, it gives them access to a sizeable new market." With almost 100 000 wheelchair users in Scotland, companies that make an effort to engage with them will find it has a significant impact on their bottom line.