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Q: Will my stairlift attach to the wall?

A: No, your stairlift will fit to the stairs. This means it is very easy to remove whenever necessary!

Q: How much will it cost to run my lift?

A: Stairlifts use roughly the same amount of electricity as a kettle, so it won’t break the bank to run.

Ceiling Track Hoists

Q: Can I use my hoist while it’s still on charge?

A: In general, no. The hoist will only work once it’s been taken off the charge dock.

Q: My hoist is beeping, what does this mean?

A: If your equipment is beeping it likely needs charged. Try putting it back into the charge dock for a few hours!

Q: What slings do I need for my hoist?

A: We would recommend at least two slings for tracking hoists, as well as one for showering and toileting.