Bio Bidet Range

What is Bio Bidet?

Bio Bidet is the first WRAS approved electronic bidet toilet seat - a toilet seat, bidet and dryer all in one and by definition a brilliant space saver.

It can replace most conventional toilet seats thus converting a standard toilet into a sophisticated shower-toilet or washlet which enables the users to wash and blow-dry themselves while remaining seated after finishing on the toilet.

Bio Bidet is innovative in providing a hygienic and thorough personal cleansing procedure while eliminating the need for toilet paper.

Why Bio Bidet?

If washing the hands is a basic part of bathroom hygiene, then intimate washing is quite simply a logical addition to the daily hygiene routine. The facts are simple: Cleansing with water is more comfortable, more effective and above all more hygienic than tissues. We don’t use dry paper to clean our hands so why use paper for our sensitive body parts?

In addition to WRAS our Bio Bidet models are also European CE and American UL approved. Installation of similar products that are not WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved is deemed illegal in the UK and would be subjected to heavy fines by the water suppliers as they could potentially contaminate the water supply.

Bio Bidet Supreme 1000 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

Pamper yourself with a gentle, warm aerated stream. A convenient remote control allows you to personalize several functions including water temperature, pressure, and even offers a gentle cycling massage feature. 

Follow cleansing with a touch of a button for an adjustable warm air-dry while enjoying the comfort of a gently heated seat. Both features include adjustable temperatures.

BB-1000 is equipped with state-of-the-art "smart power saving function" that calculates the most frequently used hours of the day for maximum savings with a powerful deodorizer that eliminates up to 90% of embarrassing odor.

Its patented 1 pocket 3 nozzles allow maximum hygiene with a soothing pulsating massage.

Equipped with the most advanced "Capacitance" seat sensor and "Self Diagnose," BB-1000 is truly the most advanced and complete bidet seat in the industry.

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Bio Bidet Prestige 800 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

Prestige bidet seat by Bio Bidet will keep your cleanliness and elegance. 
Newly designed control panel allows easy operation. State-of-the-art patented 1 pocket 3 nozzle system includes Anterior, Posterior and the new Turbo wash allows users to choose different water streams per their needs.

The BB-800 is also equipped with capacitance seat sensor, Warm air dry, Hydraulic heated seat and cover, Massage, Oscillating and much more.

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Bio Bidet 800/1000 Accessories

Toilet Seat Raiser (Spacer) (50mm) / Toilet Seat Raiser (Spacer) (80mm)

Fold-Down Support Rail System (50mm) / Fold-Down Support Rail System (80mm)

Bidet/Shower Chair

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Bio Bidet Palm TP-200 Portable Travel Bidet

Handheld portable travel bidet which uses tap water, giving you the comfort of a bidet at your desired temperature wherever you may be. Feel at home, away from home.

  • Stylish design
  • Light & compact
  • 230 ml. capacity
  • Self-contained
  • Simple operation
  • Soft operating button
  • Effective spray wash
  • Folding nozzle
  • Handy carry pouch
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • USB charger
  • Resistant to chemicals & mild cleaning agents

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